This Poem Sucks

This poem sucks

Just like my mood

Stuck thinking things

I can’t get back to good

This body does not serve me 

In fact it’s always aching 

This heart does not console me

Seems like it’s always breaking 

This mind seeks far greater things

And I believe I am unable

The way it stops and starts

I may never be stable

This poem sucks

Just ’cause I’m sad

But these are my words 

And they’re all I have


Every time I want to say I’m loyal

I remember when I betrayed

Every time I want to say I care

I remember turning away

Every time I want to say I can do this

I remember when I did not

Every time I think I know where I’m going

I remember when I was lost

Even though I don’t want perfect

I’m consumed with the fact I’m not