I don’t believe this

There isn’t enough air for

All the breaths I need



She wants you to save her

From the people that razed her

But she’s lost in their lies

Blind behind her eyes

She’s so much more than quiet

But she’s dying in the silence

A mix of dark sensuality

And velvet brutality

If the pieces worked together

Than even hell would quiver

She cannot get undressed

Just for empty couplets

And she thinks fire will kill her

If she can’t find something to still her

Still, maybe in this turn

It’s time to watch it burn










Sometimes I find I want to say
I’m so alone inside my head
But people go about their day
So I’ll pretend that I am dead
But every now and just again
When my brain won’t cooperate
I would like a silent friend
To sit with me through my hate
Listen to the things I cannot say
Without advice or sympathy
And if I reach my hand their way
Take it with soft empathy
Bravely sit inside my dark
As I try to find my light
Though it’s only one more mark
That I’ll make it through this night
And when the new day does begin
Gone the dark of night before
Pretend that nothing happened friend
So I won’t pretend alone anymore