The story that started a book that kick started my own world. Hoping to have a published date for the first book soon. Warning: most definitely not for kids or the easily offended.

Makayla’s eyes snapped open to warm sunshine and a prison of sheets and blankets. Nostrils flared as she dragged air into her lungs with the same urgency as a marathon runner in the last ten seconds of a race for first place.

Holy hell!

It was the same dream, well the same man anyway. Every night for the last three he’d managed to find a new way to…to what? She couldn’t decide between ‘violate her’ or ‘bring her to as yet unknown plateaus of ecstasy’. Dammit had it really been that long since she’d gotten laid?

She extricated herself from the tangle of bedding, still trying to lose the feeling of those hands on every inch of her body, when her head jerked to look behind her. The heat of breath coiled around her ear and down the nape of her neck, but no one was there. Of course no one was there. She was going insane. Still, his last words chased her to the conscious world as her dream lover took his time fucking her like a dog with his hand knotted in her hair:

Warm, wet and mine every time you close those pretty eyes.

Makayla shook it off. She quickly slipped on a dark blue knee length skirt, pulled a cream blouse over her slender five foot seven inch frame, slipped on a pair of heels, yanked a brush through her long dark hair and raced for the door. Her heart was still pounding and every nerve in her body still on edge from the unsettling erotic dream. An unlit hall stretched between her and the sun outside she was sure would chase away the last of the feelings. She was nearly to the end when she came face to face with a shadow and a scream she could not help escaped her lips.

“Jesus Christ, Makayla, what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

The light switched on revealing her petite roommate, Becky, in a pair of black shorts and sports bra just back from her morning run.

“Becky. I’m sorry, I just…” Makayla stopped to catch her breath. “I’m late and I have a meeting in half an hour. Could you feed the cat?”

“Sure…” Becky answered, giving her a wary look, “You look like shit girl.”

“Thanks.” Makayla said, dismissively, her body trembling as she headed for the door.

The drive in did nothing for her. She tried to catch her breath, and make herself a little more presentable, while sitting in the car applying makeup before going up. Unfortunately the mascara went on a little dark and it did nothing to calm her nerves.

Fuck it.

She rushed to grab the things she needed and make it to the meeting before she was missed, keeping her heart hammering against her chest in a bid to escape. This morning sucked, but Halloween was always unlucky for her so why should this one be any different?

She finally caught a break in the form a comfy chair and the monotone drone of the CEO going on regarding something she couldn’t care less about.

“Please join me in giving a warm welcome to, Damien Night, our new VP of sales.” She heard him announce as she doodled aimlessly in her steno pad.

Makayla took a deep cleansing breath and looked up to see what new overpaid ass they just added to their team and froze.

“Makayla, honey, are you alright?”

She squeaked and nearly fell out of her chair when the girl from accounts payable touched her on the wrist causing nearly everyone in the room to look at her.

Can this morning get any worse?

It was him; black hair, knowing green eyes, devilish smile, and a strength hidden just beneath his dark blue freshly pressed dress shirt and black slacks. She knew every inch of corded muscle, could all but feel his iron laced grip, but it was crazy. She flashed what was most likely a creepy smile- given her emotional status and the probable lack of color in her face-to the remaining onlookers, and then tried to reign in her irrational mind while the meeting continued. There had to be an explanation.

“How…how long has he been working here?” she asked the girl who had expressed concern, her voice unsteady.

“Something else isn’t he? Almost makes me wish I wasn’t married.” She answered wistfully.

Yeah, but that’s not what I fucking asked, Makayla wanted to growl.

“About a week I think. You haven’t seen him before now? Well, you really do stick to your office.” She laughed. “Seriously, are you going to be ok?”

“Yeah, just didn’t sleep well last night.”

So that explained it. She must have caught sight of him and then incorporated his image to create her crazy dark sensual dreams. That was it, and why not? He was disturbingly gorgeous in a tall, dark and demented sort of way. The demented part was probably just lingering from the obscene things his dream version had done to her the past three nights.

The meeting ended and she plodded back to her office silently thanking some unseen entity that it was Friday. She sat down, laid her forehead on her desk, and closed her eyes trying to find the motivation to do anything when a familiar scent invaded her nose and kicked her recently quelled pulse back into overdrive. Her body responded, a growing heat swirling out from her hips to her fingertips. Under her desk she grasped a bit of skin on the top of her arm between her thumb and index finger and pinched hard enough to make her wince. She wasn’t dreaming. Then she heard someone clear their throat and she suddenly wished she was.

Makayla looked up and found herself trapped by the unholy green eyes of the new VP, and that scent… How close had she gotten to him without knowing it?

What the hell?!

“That’s not typically the way I’m greeted by an employee.” Damien said with a wry laugh.

Oh shit! She’d said it out loud.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry I –” she started trying to impart a desperate apology when he cut her off.

“Haven’t been sleeping well?” he finished for her.

Her mouth gaped open, dumbfounded.

“Your eyes, they are very dark and you look tired.” He said into the continuing silence with a concerned tone.

Makayla looked down and shook her head slightly while trying to take a steady breath. How could a dream mess someone up this bad?

“No, no I haven’t.” She said finally. “Can I help you?”

She couldn’t bring herself to look back up at him.

“I was told to bring my expense report to you.”

A week and already spending company money. Of course.

Her eyes snapped up to gage his expression in fear she’d said that last bit out loud too, but he was standing placidly with a company envelope full of receipts in his hand.

“Right. Expense reports. That’s what I do.” She said as she took the report from him. “Look I really am-”

He interrupted her again.

What the fuck?

“Makayla right? Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret.” Seductive lips curved into a smile that bordered on cruel. That last bit had to be her imagination. It was just a smile and he was just a guy, a guy who apparently made a deal with the devil to get those looks, but that was his problem not hers. He was still just some guy.

“Thank you.” She said as she started processing his expenses.

“See you tonight.”

“What?!” Her head snapped up in time to see his confused face pop back in her office.

“See you around?” he said with a frown.

“Oh, ummm…yeah.”

When he disappeared again she let her head drop into her waiting hands. He probably thought she was a total nut case and he wouldn’t be the only one. Maybe someone knew a good psychiatrist.

Three cups of coffee and one untouched sandwich later she could safely say she made it through this hellish day. Tonight she would go home, take a sleeping pill, and stay in bed until noon if it suited her. Hopefully, now that she’d made sure Damien Night wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, he wouldn’t see fit to touch her in her dreams anymore either. A shiver slid down her back when she thought of him touching her. She needed him gone, but didn’t necessarily want it.

Her luck seemed to be turning around when she ended up in the elevator alone at 5:02. Now if she could just get to her car without having to interact with anyone she would be set. Makayla leaned against the rear wall of the five by five steel coffin, let her head fall backwards and closed her eyes. Just before the doors closed the elevator shifted to accommodate the weight of another body.

Makayla cursed inwardly and lifted her head to see who it was. She should’ve known.

“You again. This is the second time I’ve caught you with your eyes closed.” His smile made her knees weak and her imagination made her heart start slamming against the back of her breasts.

…mine every time you close those pretty eyes.

She swore if he managed to fit ‘pretty eyes’ anywhere into any conversation she was going to scream.

“Floor?” he said. It occurred to her it was the second time he said it. Dammit why hadn’t she pressed that earlier?

“Oh, sorry. B1.”

Basement parking. It was a classic horror movie mistake. Next thing he was going to grow fangs and feast her bones. Well maybe she’d get some sleep after that.

She heard his soft laugh.

“Something has you pretty messed up. Is it a guy?”

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t feel comfortable talking about personal matters with you.” She answered as respectfully as possible.

“Right. Sorry.”

His gaze lingered on her long enough to make her shift uncomfortably. She concentrated on keeping her breath steady as yearning began to weave itself through her exhausted core. Her body would not decide between dread and desire every time this stranger showed up. A moment before she had visions of being devoured by a monster, and now she found herself hoping he’d hit the emergency stop and devour her in a completely different manner. Did elevators even have emergency stops?

Get a grip, Makayla!

“Umm, floor?” She said into the heated silence when she noticed none of the buttons were lit up.

He was obviously turning something over in his mind as he turned and punched the requested button. Unfortunately he chose no other.

“Same place?” she asked followed by a nervous laugh as the elevator began its decent.

He nodded and she started trying to find reasons to talk, afraid the silence would betray the sound of her heart trying to claw its way up through her throat. Twelve floors trapped in this small space with a man that had done everything to her that her mind could imagine was a wet dream and a nightmare tied up in one pretty pink and black laced box.

“Lovely weather isn’t it.” She blurted out in a desperate attempt to end the silence. It was lame but lame was good. Lame might convince her body that absolutely nothing was going to happen so it was ok to cool it. No eating of…anything.

“I don’t know. If you prefer it, I guess. I’m still trying to decide whether to make this a nightmare or a wet dream.” He said casually.

The fast paced rhythm of her heart turned erratic as she stood in stunned silence waiting for the rational explanation to magically show itself. She must have misheard like before or she really was completely mad and he’d honestly said nothing. The upturned corners of his mouth and the fire in his eyes told a different story however.

“What’s the matter, pretty eyes?” he added quietly.

True to her word, Makayla screamed. She backed into the corner telling herself this wasn’t happening. The men in white coats would be there any minute to take her away and give her a good dose of lithium for her troubles, but the only thing she heard was his low laugh.

“I haven’t even touched you and you’re already screaming.” His tone was maddeningly calm. “Personally I’d rather you save it for tonight but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like hearing it.”

If this guy wasn’t real, than her imagination had really gone off the deep end.

“Look, I don’t know who the hell you think you are but I can guarantee you that there will be no tonight anything.” Makayla said, regaining her composure.

He took a step towards her at the same time the doors parted to the dim light of the underground garage. She ducked around him and sprinted towards her car frantically pressing the unlock button as she neared it. She ripped open the driver’s side door, glancing over the roof to see him still leaning in the elevator door frame with his arms crossed. He wasn’t even trying to chase her. Maybe it was just a sick joke amped up by her mind.

She got in, pulled the door shut, punched the lock button, started the car and gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles bleached. Trying futilely to calm her herself before she hyperventilated, she decided to come back Monday and tell them…what? That the devastatingly attractive new VP had been fucking her senseless in her dreams each night and could read her mind. Yup, that one’s getting believed. She could at least tell someone he behaved inappropriately in the elevator no matter how much of an understatement it felt like.

She turned in preparation to back out of the parking space and screamed again.

“Damn you are going to be fun.” Damien commented as he lounged in the passenger seat. “I figured you’d pass out this time. They usually do.”

Makayla panicked, clawing at the door handle and breaking a nail in the process but the locks failed to disengage. She broke the cheap cast handle before her mind finally registered the uselessness of the action. There was nothing she could do. She was trapped. She slowly turned back toward the creature that waited calmly in the seat beside her.

“What are you?” she said after a very long moment of trying to come to any sort of terms with the recent sequence of events.

“A fantasy. A relic. A myth. A legend. The new VP of sales. Take your pick. I’m easy.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” She said shaking her head still in a state of disbelief.

“There isn’t exactly and answer to your question. How about a taste of something you’ve always wanted but never had.”

Her mind wandered to the dreams. He held her hands between one of his while he bound her wrists with the other. A cool breeze danced across her bare flesh, damp from excursion and trembling with fear and desire. The look on his face made it plain he was far from through with her. She shook her head, forcing herself back into the present. She didn’t need to think about what she wanted him to do to her. She needed to get away.

Makayla’s brain suddenly kicked in and she yanked the keys out of the ignition, pressed the panic button and plastered herself against the door determined to keep the keys away from him as long as humanly possible. The beeping horn and whirring alarm reverberated through the enclosed air of the garage alerting anyone within a mile to their presence but Damien made no move to stop her. The sound simply stopped a moment later even though she continued to press the button.

“Nice try. Too bad those things go off all the time. Anything else?”

Her body wilted back into the seat. No, there was nothing else she realized with a sinking feeling. There was the slim hope that someone would walk by, but then what would he do? Still she had to try.

“Thinking someone will rescue you?”

“I’m thinking as long as I’m here I still have a chance.” She answered quietly.

“Possibly. You might even succeed in getting someone’s attention.” He leaned over the armrest that partitioned the two front seats and peered at her thoughtfully. “Do you honestly think there will be anyone in this chair? I’m curious just what you will tell them. Actually I’m dying to know. Go ahead, do your worst.” He leaned back laughing and looked at the platinum Rolex on his wrist. “And I still have a good four hours to consider the depraved things I’m going to do to you tonight.”

Makayla shifted uncomfortably in her seat and edged closer to the door though it wasn’t just fear. It was impossible ignore the slick warmth between her legs. Her body trembled and she pulled her knees tightly together trying to ignore the thought of his fingers tracing the inside of her thigh.

“Of course your dreams are limited to what your body knows. They have nothing on the things I could do to you. right. now.”

She ground her teeth and swallowed hard trying to force her body to cooperate with rational thought. Too much longer with him and there would be no more rational thought.

Then she heard it over the pounding of her heart and her ragged breaths in the small cabin of the two door coop. Someone was talking on a cell phone headed her way. It was a man. In moments he was close enough she could almost make out the sound of his heels hitting the concrete with every step. Her brain started putting together a frantic plan.

“You’re fighting yourself, Makayla. It’s pointless.” He said as he linked his hands behind the headrest and she desperately tried to ignore him.

The SUV next to them chirped as its owner disarmed the alarm system and headed to the driver’s side to get in.

“Go on, Makayla, what are you waiting for?”

She turned her head just enough to see someone she knew from sales take a seat behind the wheel. He looked over, saw her, acknowledged her and then he backed out. She did nothing. Her breaths were loud in the silence left behind once the sound of the vehicles engine faded into the distance. What the fuck was wrong with her?!

“Are we done with this now?” his voice broke the silence.

“What do you want with me?”

He laughed.

“What do you want?” he countered.

“Nothing!” she blurted out in an exasperated tone realizing a moment later that she should have told him to leave her the fuck alone.

“Everyone body wants something, Makayla.”

“I want…you to leave me alone.” She almost couldn’t say it.

“You don’t sound very sure of that. How about you take us to your place while we figure out what it is you want.”

I want you to-, she scrubbed the thought from her mind before she could finish it. She wasn’t like this, at least not when she wasn’t alone.

She complied with his request, unable to get her sensory fried brain cells to do much else. She didn’t snap out of it until she saw Becky’s car in the space next to hers.

Oh God!

“How fortuitous. Your lovely roommate is home. You think she’d like some company?”

“Please don’t hurt her. I’ll do anything.” The words came out in a rush. She hadn’t been thinking about Becky when she did as he asked. What had she done?

“Now we have something you want, and you said anything…I like that.”

“No…wait…are you trying to steal my soul or something?”

It was possible. Anything was possible now.

“No, soul transactions don’t really work for good deeds. But how about we just leave it open and I’ll leave pretty Becky alone.”

“And I’m just supposed to trust you?”

“A bargain is pretty iron clad where I come from.”

For some reason the statement gave her some form of hope.

“Any one thing?” she said timidly.

He nodded watching her thoughtfully, taking in every reaction.

To anything? But it was just one thing, and it wasn’t her soul. As long as it wasn’t that then it was fine right?

“Anything or you get to watch what I do to Becky.” He added with a knife edge of seriousness then he looked at her and smiled amiably. “And then you can go.”

So she had no choice, no choice at all. Why did it feel like she was trying to convince herself?

“Fine, take your one thing and go, but leave Becky alone no matter what.”

A strange weight settled on her heart for just a moment then dissipated. Something told her it wasn’t just a coincidence.

“Smart. Bargain struck. Let’s go inside.” He pulled the door open and started to get out.

“No! You said you’d leave Becky alone!” Makayla’s voice was full of desperation.

“And so I shall, but I never said we weren’t going inside.”

The driver’s side door opened and her demented escort held out his hand like some twisted version of a Victorian gentleman even having the audacity to say ‘my lady’ as he waited for her to exit the car. Makayla took his hand, barely blinking, and let him lead her up the concrete path to her upstairs apartment.

“It seems like you’re getting a lot more than one thing.” She said as she started to climb the steps.

“It always seems that way, but if I were to decide my ‘one thing’ was your body for the night, or eternity…wouldn’t that still be just ‘one thing’?”

Holy shit what had she gotten herself into?

“Of course, I wouldn’t waste our little deal on something that was already mine.” They stopped at the slate coloured front door. “What, no decorations? Where’s your holiday spirit?”

“It’s Halloween, not fucking Christmas. What did you mean ‘already mine’?” she asked.

He only laughed, leaving her in the dark.

“Why don’t you just take your one thing and go? What are you waiting for?” She continued quietly.

“You…to open the door.” He answered in a patronizing tone.

“Tell me.” She said sternly.

He stood close behind her now, reaching across her shoulder to brush several strands of hair behind her ear.

“You’re running dangerously close to breaking our deal, Makayla. My decision is made, but you never said I had to tell you.” She didn’t need to see his face to know he smiled. “The deal stands open until I’m ready to complete it…or you refuse to cooperate.”

Which, she knew without him telling her, would be a breach of contract however unfair it might be. So she would go along with him until he was done with her, but she had no choice right? She was saving her friend she told herself.

Suddenly she could feel his hand twisted in her hair, the sting as he pulled her head back to him, the arch of her back, his breath against her ear, and his cock buried inside her. It was just a memory, but the memory made her knees weak. She wanted him to fuck her. Just. Like. That. That still didn’t change the fact that he was dangerous. Actually that just made things worse.

She squared her shoulders and opened the door.

Damien let her enter first, standing back just a ways. For an instant she considered slamming the door and locking it, but the locked door of her car hadn’t exactly done the trick of keeping him out. Becky was in the front room watching TV and eating some yogurt.

“Geez Makayla you look worse than you did this morning. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, just…”

She had no clue what to say. She started to make a quick escape when Damien cuffed her wrist with his hand as he stepped through the door.

“Well hello gorgeous.”

Becky seemed completely unaware of her the moment Damien stepped through the door, which made sense. He was that kind of gorgeous. No wonder he’d stayed back.

“Umm, this is Damien. He….” She was sure she was a deep shade of crimson, the thought of all the things he’d done to her in her dreams being done with Becky just a few feet away running through her head. Becky was too fixed on him to notice thankfully.

“Mind if he stops by room later?” Becky giggled. She was only joking, the girl was a straight arrow.

Makayla watched Damien shake his head with a slight smile.

“Sorry, one woman guy.”

“Ah, well you two have fun.” Becky smirked, though there was a hint of disappointment in her voice as she went back to her yogurt and reality TV. “Have a happy Halloween if I don’t see you again tonight.” She added as Makayla started across the dark hall with Damien trailing behind her.

Perfect! I run into a demon on Halloween night! How…cliché!

He had to be demon no matter how much he looked like a man. The powers, the ‘deal’…everything. If her wits hadn’t been completely fried there were a thousand questions, things she wanted to know, secrets as old as time itself, but they would remain where they had always been. There was no need to turn on the light this time as they manoeuvred the shadowy passage. The dark already had her.

Without warning he had her back pressed against the door to her room at the end of the hall and his hand over her mouth. He wasn’t that much taller than she, but the blackness seemed to be a part of him making her feel tiny trapped between him and the unyielding wood behind her.

“Why don’t we start right here, Makayla?” He hissed against her ear.

She shook her head in protest knowing full well what he meant to start and that Becky would hear.

“I know you, Makayla. I’ve seen the deepest parts of you. I know where your fantasies go when you think you are alone. The ones that you get off to? The stranger waiting for you to cum so he can fuck you as your orgasm turns to pain was always my favourite. A little masochistic are we?”

Her eyes went wide and she jerked her head away. His words painted pictures she would die before sharing, and yet he knew every detail as if she’d performed it just for him.

“Shame is such a useless emotion. Tell me, is it because you don’t want to or because you don’t think should want to?” He asked, cupping her chin with a feather light touch that sent chills through her body.

Damien turned her head, but she didn’t want to look at him. He held a mirror to the ugliest parts of her as far as she was concerned and she did not want to see them. Makayla fought to turn away again and the gentle touch on the soft skin of her throat morphed into iron.

“They’re just fantasies.” She whimpered.

He released her chin and slowly brushed the back side of his hand down the length of her neck. She closed her eyes taking shaky breaths as his hand moved against her chest and began to trace the swell of her breast.

“You’re not the least bit curious?”

Makayla wanted to tell him to stop talking. She was ashamed of the things he somehow knew, and the things she wanted him to do. Every time he spoke it only served to remind her. She thought to tell him to just get on with it, but not out here. Her hand found the door knob and made to turn it.

“Not so fast.” He said catching her hand against the cold metal with his left while the right easily found the hardened peak of her nipple beneath the cream silk of her blouse. The only bra she could find this morning was strapless and he easily pushed it down leaving just the thin material against his touch. It only served to enhance it.

She bit her lip in an attempt to stifle any sound she might make while he brushed his thumb across the firm tip of her breast with exasperatingly light strokes.

“I think we should play here for now.” He said against her ear before bending to taste her neck. She nearly put a hole in her lip in an attempt maintain her silence when he bit down, marking her.

Even if she managed to keep quiet, which she found seriously doubtful now, Becky could catch them any time. It was Halloween, the girl should be out partying, but it was against Becky’s religion or something.

Makayla watched him drop down, felt the moist heat of his breath through the thin fabric of her shirt as his mouth sought the tender bud of her untouched breast, already rigid for him. She tried to squirm away afraid she would cry out but he held her hand fast against the door knob.

“Please…” She said breathlessly trying to ask him to stop. In response his light touches turned to rough pinches between teeth and fingers and she lost her hold on her tongue, cursing under her breath. To much more and she wouldn’t care where they were as long as he satisfied the need he steadily stoked in her now.

Before the fear of being caught washed away completely she felt his fingers, cool against the heat between her legs, begin tracing a line from her knee up the inside of her thigh. She put her free hand on his shoulder meaning to push him way but only managed to support herself as she parted legs for him. His touch reached the edge of her panties while his tongue continued to tease the nipple he had captured between his teeth until she was sure she would explode.

“Please not here.” She pleaded softly, trying again to open the door.

He just laughed as his fingers breached the elastic of panties. She inhaled sharply, her nails digging into his shoulder as he traced her slit, teasing the point of entry. She moved her hips to press back, wanting more. He stood to his full height then, using the upward motion to slip two fingers inside her. Cool air rushed against the saturated fabric clinging to her rock hard nipple, and she cried out as he seated his fingers to the palm.

“Hmmm, I think she heard that.” He whispered against her throat while slowly withdrawing his fingers.

“Please, before she comes.” She whimpered.

“You first.” he quietly instructed, removing his fingers completely to explore the slick satin folds at the junction between her thighs.

“Oh God.” Her breath shook as his touch glided across her clit, his target, and he hit it unerringly. She felt the tension growing in her thighs and spreading out. She started to let go, closing her eyes and losing herself in the building sensation.


Makayla’s eyes snapped open to find Becky’s shocked expression staring back at her. She was mortified while Damien looked perfectly please with himself.

“Hi, Becky.” He said casually turning around. He watched with interest as his thumb glided over the two fingers he’d had buried inside Makayla while she frantically tried to pull her skirt down.

“You have a bedroom.” Becky snapped as she headed for the bathroom.

Damien turned back towards, Makayla.

“Now, we can go.” He smiled down at her after her roommate disappeared behind the door.

“Little late.”

“But you enjoyed it.”

“No.” She protested while he swung the door open behind her, pushing her backwards. “I’ll never be able to look at her again.”

“Argue if it makes you feel better. I know lust. I’ve had a few…years…to study it.”

Makayla watched the door swing shut, seemingly under its own power, while Damien continued to thrust her towards the bed.

“What else can you do?” she asked nervously.

“Considering I’m not bound by your rules? A lot. But I only want to do one thing right now.”

“What?” She questioned on a brittle exhale. It was a stupid question. She wasn’t even sure why she asked it.

“Because you want me to tell you…every detail of what I plan to do to you.” He pushed her back on the bed and wedged himself between her legs.

Makayla caught herself on her elbows, swallowing hard, as he stripped off her skirt and panties. The rest of her clothes followed until she was completely exposed. She didn’t fight. She was tired of fighting. She ached for release and she’d been so close before Becky showed up. She was nearly ready to beg him or do it herself. Now he kneeled before her on the bed, hard emerald eyes holding her in their gaze while his hands braced her knees apart, but he made no other movements. He was waiting for something , but what?

“Ask.” he commanded `.

“Ask…ask what?” She stuttered. Maybe begging wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.

“Ask me to tell you.”

Or he would let her sit there and stew in her juices, dying for his touch. What had he done to her? Whatever it was she was ready to do anything he asked.

“Tell me.” she breathed

“Tell you what?” He coaxed her.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me.”

He grabbed her wrists in one hand, his tie dangling from the other. When the devil had he even taken that off?

“Bind you, listen to you beg, and then fuck you till you pass out.” He chuckled darkly, beginning an intricate knot around her wrists with the tie. He leaned over her to hook her wrists to one of the stems of the flowers in the ornate iron headboard above her. She could feel the hard ridge of his cock against her belly, a taste what was to come.

“Beg? I…I can’t.” Makayla’s face and chest turned a deep crimson at his frank words. Maybe not anything he asked. She couldn’t see herself honestly begging someone to fuck her. Or maybe she was baiting him.

She took a sharp breath and angled her hips towards him as he sank two fingers inside her then moved to stroke her clit. So he wasn’t going to make her wait after all.

“You will.” He said, his breath against her ear suddenly.

“Will what?” she panted.

Makayla rocked her hips, her body tensing for the impending crash, his teeth at her neck quickening the sensation.

“Beg.” The word rumbled against her throat.

But he stopped nothing. His touch ushered her ever closer to climax. The intensity built on itself until she knew she would scream and didn’t even care. There was no reason to beg. Then it hit her.

Oh god!

She tried to jerk away and he rose to his knees, pinning her thighs down with his hands. The loss of touch caused her to crash in the wrong way. Again she’d come close only to be denied, but she wasn’t sure she could handle the price. She futilely hoped he meant to make her beg him to cum.

“No.” He answered her thoughts for her. “Desperate pleading is far more appealing than impassioned insistence.”

Makayla’s eyes went wide. She pulled at the bonds above her head, trying to yank herself away from him, but his grip bit into her thighs and her body did not budge. Not that it mattered; she couldn’t get her wrists out of the knots he’d tied even if she managed to get away from him for a moment. She frantically searched for a way to change his mind.

“Guess you’re not good enough to make me beg for it like that.” her eyes narrowed, a small amount of triumph seeping into her voice.

The corners of his lips turned up that cruel smile she once thought she imagined.

“Wrong sin, love.”

The pressure of his hands shifted as he came down on her, his tongue disappearing between the folds of her sex. He wasted no time, his tongue nudging the bundle of nerves at the apex of her pussy driving her to the orgasm she was aching for and now dreading. She’d pushed a lover off more than once when he didn’t break away fast enough after she’d cum. The sensation was overwhelming, some fine line between pain and intense pleasure the moment her release rolled over her. She couldn’t take it, not in reality. Not now.


It was the only word she could summon as tried to distract herself from the inevitable. Green eyes flashed and she felt him smile against her freshly shaved lips as he continued to tease her swollen clit with his tongue. She fought until reason began to desert her and she had nothing left. Her back arched, nails digging into palms, and she screamed hard enough it hurt her throat as her body succumbed. She lay still for a moment, the aftershocks washing over her in warm waves, but her enjoyment was not to last. Her eyes snapped open when his tongue swirled against the treacherous flesh.

“STOP! Please stop!” She cried when the first intense feeling hit. She writhed, struggling to pull away, but moved little stretched as she was between the headboard and the iron grip he had on her thighs. She begged with pitiful cries but they fell on merciless ears. Her cries turned to sobs, tears tracking dark mascara down her pretty face. Then, in the midst of her agony, tension coiled in her belly. She bucked her hips, pressing her drenched sex against his invading tongue. Her body quaked through another intense climax, confusion and pleasure and anguish coursing through her spent form.

He rose to his knees when she relaxed, taking in her appearance as she lay boneless before him.

“Beautiful.” He murmured. “I wonder…”

He probed her still quivering pussy with his index finger until she jerked away from him.

He smiled, then moved aside and flipped her over pushing her to her knees. The hard plane of his chest pressed against her back, clothing discarded at some time, and his rigid cock slipped between her parted thighs when he leaned close to her ear. She was forced to grab onto the headboard with bound hands to steady herself.

“You’re lucky I’m hungry. I think I could torture you all night.”

“Hungry?” she said slowly, her mouth not wanting to work for her.

He pulled back, leaving her to wonder just what the fuck he meant as she steadied herself on legs that felt like Jell-o. She was recovering, slowly. Her head hung low as she clung to an iron leaf. Her thoughts were just as jellied as her trembling thighs, but there was a warm satisfaction she’d never known before. There was also an emptiness that needed to be filled. She still wanted him, wanted to know what it felt like when he seated himself inside her. She doubted he intended to disappoint her.

Makayla felt his hands run up the backs of her thighs and across her ass, the nails of his thumbs leaving stinging trails as they dug in causing her to moan. He moved forward and the hard blunt tip of his dick pressed against her entrance. She shifted back, visions of a dream dancing in her head, but he stopped her.

“Lift your head, Makayla.” The unfailing control present in his voice all this time was slipping, more growl than speech.

She lifted slowly, distrust and desire battling within her. Strands of hair balanced across her slender neck snaked their way down her back causing her to shiver. His touch grazed her tailbone and followed her spine to her shoulder blades. She arched back towards him, revelling in the gentle contact, when his fist tangle in her hair and he sank into her in one claiming stroke.

“Holy shit!” The initial shock stole her breath and defied description. It was a first time, all the angst, the desire, the fear, the desperate need, and…something else. An intimate touch, a draw against her soul, pure distilled lust, a hundred explanations ran through her mind and none of them fit. The pleasure stopped just shy of the point of pain, but it was sapping what little strength she had left.

He thrust again.

“Oh…my…fuck!” the words tumbled out of her mouth as another wave washed over.

“Is this what you wanted?” His voice was feral, almost unrecognizable.

“Yes!” She cried out as he drove into again.

“Then cum for me, Makayla.” he hissed, tightening his hold on her. “I need you, all of you.”

She had nothing left, he’d taken everything she had already, but as his rhythm picked up her body responded as if it belonged to him. The rising tide threatened to wash her away.

“Let go, Makayla…just let go.”

She gripped the headboard with everything she had whispering, ‘oh god, oh god’, under her breath. Every powerful thrust pushed her closer to an edge she’d never been to before, and she instinctually fought against it.

“God dammit, stop fighting, Makayla.”

Her control slipped in the futile battle. She threw her head back and Damien caught her when she lost her hold, burying his cock deep within her. He held her tight as she thrashed against him, her release coming in violent waves triggering his own orgasm. She vaguely registered his roar and a fleeting thought that Becky was going to give her shit before the edges of her vision began to sparkle and shrink in until there was nothing but darkness.



She opened her eyes to her whispered name. She was weak, barely enough strength to hold her lids open. He kneeled on the floor, his arms crossed on the edge of the bed, and his eyes glowing faintly in the moonlit room.

“What did you do to me?” Her voice was brittle, raspy.

“I fed. The after effects will pass. There is one more thing.”

She simply waited, too fragile to protest or even ask.

“The matter of our deal.”

He stood, still naked, his torso covered in arcane tattoos. She couldn’t help but admire them and their canvas as he touched her forehead with his index finger and began to draw…something. He spoke in a language she could not begin to place and then it was over. Nothing changed.

She looked at him confused when suddenly her heart felt lighter.

“Bargain complete. Sleep. You earned it.”


Makayla’s eyes opened slowly to warm sunshine and a prison of sheets and blankets. She took an unhurried breath and let it out with a languid stretch. The fact that the room was empty was no surprise. No man like that truly existed. It had been a dream, one unbelievable, decadent, ungodly dream.

She extricated herself from the tangle of bedding, still trying to hang onto the last vestiges of the night’s embrace. Every muscle ached with wonderful gratifying warmth. The way her body felt it was hard to believe it had honestly been a dream.

She pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a sleek gray tank top, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

“I see you finally decided to get up. Where’s your friend?”

Makayla stopped digging in the fridge and peeked her head over the open to door to give her roommate a confused look.

“What friend?”

“The one you were…yeah…outside your bedroom door with last night…and everything else…all fucking night. Hot or not, that wasn’t cool, Makayla, and so unlike you. What, suddenly you have no shame?” Becky continued as she went to set her bowl in the sink. She was not her usual perky self this morning.

No heat pooled in Makayla’s cheeks, no regret seeped into her thoughts. There was no second guessing or series of self-loathing thoughts. There was just, mmmmm, last. night. It hadn’t been a dream . She’d struck a deal with a demon, or something, and made enough noise to wake the dead. They must have kept Becky awake from the dark circles under the girls eyes. She stifled a chuckle.

Somehow he’d taken that feeling, the one he’d said was useless. She had no clue what he might want with it, but she didn’t care. She closed the fridge, looked her roommate directly in the eye, and smiled.

“No, no shame at all.”


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