I wish I was a bear

Wrapped and warm in fur

Hidden away from winter wear

In sleep I would confer

I find that I am bare

Naked without my faith

Exposed and retreating where

Sleep becomes a wraith

I wish I had a bear

Stuffed full of love and hope

With button eyes so fair

Stable against this tightrope

I have all these wishes

And the warmth of friends that care

Full of love their dishes

My heart beats as the bear



This is the point where failure happens

This is the moment I stop

Perhaps it’s fear that makes me stumble

Perhaps it’s lazy thoughts 

This is the point I think I’ve lost it

The moment I’m out of magic

As if you can run out of thin air

The lies we whisper are tragic

So this is the moment I write anyway

Even when this might fail

For the moments that make us are truly small

And this is a tale to tell 


She held her pieces in her hands

The way that only broken can

Looking up with pleading eyes

“Help me make it through the night”

When the last one broke her tether

She put herself back together

Looking in with beauty bold

She painted in the cracks with gold

Learning not to be afraid

Understanding what life has made

She holds herself in her hands

And no one needs to understand

The End

This won’t work. I can’t open up to you 

But then I don’t really want to

I’m so tired of being afraid they’ll see

All the dark inky parts of me

Bats fly out through unzipped skin

Never to fly back in again 

Squeaky clean becomes the closet

Now what shall we deposit?

But then again what’s left of me?

All the things I still can’t see

So just for a while I’ll try to pretend

For soon enough we come to the end…


Bind me in the softest leather 

Tightly to keep me together 

Be sure to mark your favorite places 

In among my weathered pages

Learn my stories, feel the words

Especially those unheard

And though you know I am not new

My cover is removed just for you

Lose yourself inside my leaves

And come together in sweet release 


She’s a thief of time and attention

Eyes mysterious smile delirious

Full lips beg to be kissed

Full breasts you can’t miss

Aware of every move

Commanding lust not love

Dance with just a touch

Fingertips to hush

Leave you wanting more

But she’s not your whore

Any lingering contact

Does not require a contract

She loves to put on a show

That ends when she goes home

Very few can feed

Her deeper need

She does love to please

But for now she’s just a tease

Things I Never Told You

I tell everyone everything
My tongue has no guard, maybe
Because I’m addicted to words
I want to taste them all
But not with you, maybe
Because, for once, I know better
So the words grow
Like dew on a petal
That will soon give way to the weight
I dreamed of you
You’ve never made me cry
But you scare the hell out of me
Your comment on my beauty
Was so much more than flattery
You’re burned into my skin
And it seems the poison went with the pain
I believe you’ll be there forever
And yet I have no reason to
I need to let you go
But it seems I’m content to borrow
You until you’re gone
And, still I don’t cry
My broken heart stirs for you
But you might just be safe, because
You belong to someone else

The Storm

Attempting to rewrite my life..

The Storm

It is my strength that sets me free
When thunder rumbled through the wind
I found the storm inside of me

The truth shattered all that I see
I saw my world turned cold again
It is my strength that sets me free

The waves that crashed beneath my feet
Not so fragile in the end
I found the storm inside of me

Let the rain wash away this sea
Let the warm night inside begin
It is my strength that sets me free

The elements are accepting
I need no respite from the din
I found the storm inside of me

My wariors soul escapes the
Arms I mistook for safe within
It is my strength that sets me free
I found the storm inside of me