The Veil 

“They” say that the witching hour is 3am. Or maybe it was midnight. I don’t know. Hollywood and wild imaginings have mucked it up a bit. My hollow bones disagree. 

The witching hour is maybe a moment when magic is easiest to summon. It may be the moment when monsters are most likely to roam. Regardless of how it manifests it is always a moment “between”. 

There is a veil that protects us from the between. Most people never even know it’s there. They move through this world as if it is the only one. Some people can hear or even see through it. A few can cross it. Me? I just know it’s there. 

I can feel it when the sun dies daily leaving only the strangeness of twilight. I know it in the moments before I lose the last vestiges of a dream. I am positive I’ll find it as I move from life to death so death doesn’t scare me. 

I think a part of me exists on the other side of the veil. I think that’s why crows call to me and why I don’t quite feel I belong here. Maybe at one time I was a messenger between gods and men. Or maybe a guide from this world to the next. I wonder why I came here sometimes. There must be a reason. The places my mind wanders…



She held her pieces in her hands

The way that only broken can

Looking up with pleading eyes

“Help me make it through the night”

When the last one broke her tether

She put herself back together

Looking in with beauty bold

She painted in the cracks with gold

Learning not to be afraid

Understanding what life has made

She holds herself in her hands

And no one needs to understand

The Storm

Attempting to rewrite my life..

The Storm

It is my strength that sets me free
When thunder rumbled through the wind
I found the storm inside of me

The truth shattered all that I see
I saw my world turned cold again
It is my strength that sets me free

The waves that crashed beneath my feet
Not so fragile in the end
I found the storm inside of me

Let the rain wash away this sea
Let the warm night inside begin
It is my strength that sets me free

The elements are accepting
I need no respite from the din
I found the storm inside of me

My wariors soul escapes the
Arms I mistook for safe within
It is my strength that sets me free
I found the storm inside of me

A Man I’ve Never Met

I miss a man I’ve never met

Someone somehow I can’t forget

A name I swear I should recall

I know was never there at all

Sometimes I think he was a thief

Stole my heart while I was asleep

I know we’ve met in times before

And we will meet again once more

I wonder at the time between

A single life or centuries?

I shudder with uncertainty

Will he even remember me?

I know you’ll say this isn’t real

It’s proposterous how I feel

Deem it impossible and yet

I miss a man I’ve never met


There’s a thing you do not see

This hurricane inside of me

The few that have been close enough

Have known the angry swirl above

That’s just the edge, just the tip

Of the rage’s will to rip

But that’s not the final piece

That’s not what’s inside the beast

What scares me most takes another form

It is the calm inside the storm

Still, there is a curiosity

To know this thing inside of me…


She wants you to save her

From the people that razed her

But she’s lost in their lies

Blind behind her eyes

She’s so much more than quiet

But she’s dying in the silence

A mix of dark sensuality

And velvet brutality

If the pieces worked together

Than even hell would quiver

She cannot get undressed

Just for empty couplets

And she thinks fire will kill her

If she can’t find something to still her

Still, maybe in this turn

It’s time to watch it burn