She held her pieces in her hands

The way that only broken can

Looking up with pleading eyes

“Help me make it through the night”

When the last one broke her tether

She put herself back together

Looking in with beauty bold

She painted in the cracks with gold

Learning not to be afraid

Understanding what life has made

She holds herself in her hands

And no one needs to understand


The End

This won’t work. I can’t open up to you 

But then I don’t really want to

I’m so tired of being afraid they’ll see

All the dark inky parts of me

Bats fly out through unzipped skin

Never to fly back in again 

Squeaky clean becomes the closet

Now what shall we deposit?

But then again what’s left of me?

All the things I still can’t see

So just for a while I’ll try to pretend

For soon enough we come to the end…



She’s just a girl

No need to fear

Yet somehow unsure

You shy away from here

She’s no monster

That would make sense

Humans are cruel

They stand on pretense

Can’t find connection

Then they wipe out

Yet in their darkness

They have their doubt

Seeking forgiveness

A place to belong

The world crashing down

It won’t be long

Now looking at her

Something is wrong

Here in the middle

She doesn’t belong

You know what it is

Crushed under the weight

She does not need

And she won’t break

A Man I’ve Never Met

I miss a man I’ve never met

Someone somehow I can’t forget

A name I swear I should recall

I know was never there at all

Sometimes I think he was a thief

Stole my heart while I was asleep

I know we’ve met in times before

And we will meet again once more

I wonder at the time between

A single life or centuries?

I shudder with uncertainty

Will he even remember me?

I know you’ll say this isn’t real

It’s proposterous how I feel

Deem it impossible and yet

I miss a man I’ve never met